Is Making Billions of Dollars Only Reason to Start up?

Why do I want to start up? Has this question crossed your mind?

If not, then I’m sure that some prospective investors have asked this question, some time or the other, during pitching sessions. And in creating pitches that suit an investor’s perspective, some of us may have discovered an answer to this fundamental question,that satisfies our inner selves as well.


Since it isn’t easy to understand our own selves (the true inner self, I mean), we, more often than not,just fool ourselves. I might be wrong, though!

Broadly speaking, there are two main reasons people take the plunge into a startup journey.

  1. Solving a problem, or adding value to the existing system
  2. Making moolah; they are inspired by the million/billion dollar startup stories

Although having either or both as a goal is neither right nor wrong, the only thing it is important to be aware of is what actually drives you, or your thought process. If one is genuinely trying to solve a problem and add value to something and is finally able to do the same, then money will very likely follow.

On the other hand if one creates an enterprise merely to attract big bucks, money may come in, but the venture and/or the income may not last long, if the purpose is self-centered.

However, both the aforementioned aspects are important and interrelated.One just needs to look at them from the right perspective. According to me, the purpose of starting up is not just profits and increased revenues.It is “developing oneself” by challenging oneself to increase profits and revenue. If one fails to develop oneself and still is able to attract money, the money will run out one day, and one will not be able to bring about any change when and where it matters the most. On the contrary, if one develops oneself properly, when the crucial moment arrives, one will be able to bring about a positive change to the situation.

The success rate and chances of progress of a startup are directly proportional to the progress and development of the founders.

And as my spiritual mentor says, “Thinking ‘progress’ is the starting point of building destinies.” The purpose behind a startup is fundamental to its success. Being self-centered, versus thinking about the happiness of others, society & the world, determine the scope, success, and scalability of the enterprise.

A self-centered purpose may lead a startup to limited success, reach and impact. On the other hand,a startup with the purpose of reaching out to masses to help remove suffering may lead to a creating a household /global and successful brand.

The above are just my personal thoughts and not ‘Facts of Life’. Many of you may have contrary beliefs. You’re all most welcome to share yours as well.



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