Interview With Tarun Uppal & Roohi Khera | Co-founders at

In our latest interview, we spoke to two promising entrepreneurs Tarun Uppal and Roohi Khera: Co-founders at Tarun is the co-founder and CEO of Vnaya. He is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade long experience across various verticals. His startup Vnaya offers online tutoring and parenting support. Let’s read more about their journey […]

An EduTech Start-up in US by Indian Couple

Technology has altered the way we live today. Weather, it’s our sharing and expressing through social media platforms, technology is available everywhere say in healthcare or education everything is digitalized. As we get more acumen with technology new concepts are added each day to make our life comfortable. Today, start-ups are devoting themselves towards a […]

This edtech startup enhances learning skills of students with online support for parents

Thirty-six-year-old Tarun Uppal is not new to the world of entrepreneurship. He embarked on the journey way back in 2003 from the basement of his house. His efforts finally gave birth to Creed Infotech in 2005, a company that catered to both Indian and US markets in the BPO, KPO, and education space. In the course of […]

Is Making Billions of Dollars Only Reason to Start up?

Why do I want to start up? Has this question crossed your mind? If not, then I’m sure that some prospective investors have asked this question, some time or the other, during pitching sessions. And in creating pitches that suit an investor’s perspective, some of us may have discovered an answer to this fundamental question,that […]